Foreign exchange trading or forex trade simply put is one segment of commerce that is similar in many respects to trading in stocks, dividends, shares, commodities, mutual funds or futures. But there are some fundamental and structural differences that distinguish forex trading from the above. For instance there, are no real time markets like stock exchanges. Secondly, transactions and trade in foreign exchange goes on round the clock across all time zones. There are other differences as well.

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Trading in foreign exchange in the past essentially meant trading in different international currencies and used to be the exclusive preserve of banks and institutional investors and traders. But with the passage of time, individual traders and dealers have joined the ranks of bankers and big time investors. Moreover, rapid and continual strides being made in information technology have enabled individual and small time traders to reap the benefits through online forex trading.

Transactions are carried out by dealers and traders, both big time and investors who can invest only small amounts at major banks and on the various forex trading platforms. Did you know that the annual turnover on this front is approximately $1.2 trillion? That in essence implies that your transactions make a very minuscule impact. International trade and commerce would come to a standstill if currencies were inconvertible.

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The international framework for forex trade as it is carried out today in the forex markets worldwide was chalked out during the Bretton Woods conclave set the standards or benchmarks for financial and commercial liaisons amongst all the member nations of the UNO. The foreign exchange market is the most flexible and liquid of all financial markets. The daily mean turnover in the foreign exchange markets are growing throughout the world. Forex trade is carried out in over the counter (OTC) virtual exchanges as there are no real time stock exchanges and clearing houses. Our forex articles and forex tools help you to become an astute forex trader.