The most important aspect of forex trade is to look for ideal forex trading platform. This is the key to achieving success in this trading. Trading platform is a computer program or software that gives you a platform to trade online. There are several such trading programs online which can be used to trade forex. One such reliable platform is the one provided by UFXMarkets. We offer an advanced but easy to use trading platform and have team of expert analysts.

As soon as you sign up with UFXMarkets to open an account, you get access to ParagonEX’s online trading platform. If you are determined to make money out of forex, then this forex online trading platform is the right choice for you.

UFXMarkets forex trade broker also has a lot of clients outside the United States too. This provider has its operations in countries like Belgium, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong also. With its reliability and convenience, UFXMarkets is becoming the most favoured platform for increasing number of traders day by day.

Things to Know about Brokerage and Payment Details

UFXMarkets online forex trading brokerage firm has expertise over the years in helping the trading enthusiasts. It follows the “market-maker model” that implies that it charges customers the actual difference between the ask price and the bid. However, there are no commission fees charged. This specific model is different from the Electronic Communications Network Model that other providers in this field follow. Other leading trading service providers don’t charge a trader based on the ask price. Rather they charge a flat commission. This is based on the volume of trade.

What is amazing about UFXMarkets is that it is quite flexible in its approach. It accepts credit cards, wire transfers as well as debit cards.

What are the Funding Options?

As far as the funding options are concerned, it includes Cash U that is an online prepaid payment service. The other option is Moneybookers, a variation of e-wallet. Not only this, it is also quite flexible in terms of local bank transfers.

More Secured

UFXMarkets is a reliable name in the forex trading online arena. It offers the ParagonEX Trader, which is a custom-made proprietary browser-oriented platform. It even works with Android, so no problems if you are even using an Android phone or tab.

It cares well about the safety and security of traders. In order to make the trading sessions more secure, UFXMarkets website is equipped with an advanced Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. It makes use of VeriSign for validating users and defending the process of data transfer. The bank also pays equal attention as far as the network architecture is concerned. For optimizing security, Firewall protection is also enabled both at the application as well as server level.

This platform segregates application servers so that a user’s transaction related info and online activity remains live on several data servers and this eradicates the possibility of data loss. This platform is so secured that there can be no access to confidential information by unauthorized people. The customer service offered by UFXMarkets is matchless. Browse through for more details and account creation.