PARAGONEX Trader: Outstanding Online FOREX Trading Solution


PARAGONEX Trader can be described as a phenomenal breakthrough in online FOREX trading. Actually, this is a cutting edge Internet-based trading platform for currency traders. The highly-experienced systems development team of Paragon designed this application of choice for foreign exchange traders doing business online.


PARAGONEX amalgamates innovative front and back-office apps that support the complete dealing phase. It includes sales and customer marketing, report production and monitoring at different levels. It starts with the single user all the way to complete performance data.

The platform acts in accordance with the most modern trends and essential needs of currency operators like campaign management, persuasive user-experience as well as an adaptable CMS or content management system.


It complies with regulatory conditions. At the same time, PARAGONEX is fully-hosted and boasts of the “Software as a Service” solution that does not entail any capital investment in Information Technology. With the latest software updates and novel features, the platform is accessible any time and wherever the user is located.


PARAGONEX is said to maximize ROI.


It is a one of a kind solution custom-built for FOREX operators. It provides the all-in-one answer for the whole trading cycle. It gives you tools for controlling users, personnel and revenues. It is an all-encompassing platform. Operators can run precisely targeted campaigns to retain existing customers, attract new customers and attain the highest level of returns.


In today’s volatile global markets, with Forex trading reaching record breaking volumes, optimization of existing resources is the key factor to success. Smart leveraging of existing customers is crucial for online Forex operators looking to grow and maintain their business. By utilizing the tremendous number of user searches, marketing ROI can now be doubled and even tripled and used to increase user values.


The greatest challenge facing online Forex operators is responding to the abundance of new online competitors through user retention and effective marketing efforts. The difference between moderate and phenomenal success can lie in the ability to measure ROI for every sub campaign, and respond in real time. Integration of a highly adaptable trading system, with an optimized website and comprehensive management tools is tricky, yet is the key to staying ahead of the competition.


Making money with forex learning

Making money in forex is not an easy task and to make money successfully, forex learning is very much essential for the traders. Learning forex to identify the trading patterns and points of value changes in currencies is the basic need for making money in trading forex.

There are lots of help for the traders to learn forex trading basics. Lots of sites and forex learning courses are available for the traders which provide you full information about the market and the knowledge of how to trade currency to become a successful forex trader.

If you have an interest in forex trading, then there are lots of educational sites which offer you the best education of the market so that you make money successfully in this market. It’s a challenging world where each and every moment, you have to be alert and careful.

You will also find that you don’t have to invest a large amount to learn forex trading. The free demo accounts provide you duplicate currency to learn to trade forex market profitably. All the ups and downs of the market can be easily leaned with these educational sites and free demo accounts.

Once you enter ion this world and start learning about the market then you will automatically find out what actually you need to learn and what is better to learn about the market. You forex education should be effective and should gives positive results and for this, your focus and concentration is very much essential to make money.

What you need to trade forex online

Forex currency trading is an online process and that is why the traders can trade currency when ever and where ever they want to trade. All you need is the internet connection to your system and then you are free to trade forex even from your own how and offices.

Trading forex online is really a great advantage for the trader and no doubt it’s a big reason for the traders of every corner to get attracted from this huge financial market. Well all these things which are defined above is very few for foreign exchange market because it’s a big market and the qualities, the services, the facilities and the advantages of foreign exchange market are very high.

Foreign exchange market is an international financial market where the traders trade currency and to trade currency they choose a currency pair, sell one currency to buy one currency and during this process trying to make money according to the exchange rates of the market.

Trading forex with profitable deals and good returns is not an easy task for the traders and to achieve the desired goal of forex currency trading market, they have to make some plans and have to follow some of the steps which are very much necessary for the traders to follow.

Well increasing the skill and knowledge of forex is not so easy, as well as trading forex successfully is also not very easy but those who have dedication and concentration towards their goal. Online trading has many risks and that is why you have to be very much careful and alert as well.

Trading sites are helpful to trade beneficially in forex currency trading market

There are lots of forex trading sites which are provided for the traders help and thus the traders can learn how to trade in forex to make their deals profitable. Foreign exchange market is a huge market and the knowledge of each and every thing of forex market is quite tough. It takes time, with the time and experiences; you get the knowledge of everything about forex market.

It means, through forex sites, we can learn each and every thing related to forex trading. Forex online sites are the providers of each and every thing. The courses are available in these sites are of many types. Some of them are from authorized firm and some of them are forex scams. Therefore, always be careful to select the forex course of trading because it can be duplicate and unauthorized made by forex scams.

The traders of forex currency trading market are from every corner and they all are here to trade forex but only few of them gets success. Why is that so? Because their trading knowledge is different from each other and their decisions towards trading is different from each other. Forex sites are no doubt the best source to increase your knowledge about forex currency.

The knowledge of trading forex is very much necessary for the traders. To become a successful forex trader, forex learning is the basic step for all the traders and either a new trader or an old trader of forex, they all want to trade forex with the profitable returns.

Trading forex – Try to learn about forex market as much as possible before any investment

Forex currency trading market has worldwide networking; it means traders are allowing to trade forex from any city, any state, and any country. You are free to trade at any time in a day because trading forex is possible for twenty four hours in a day and five days in a week.

It means foreign exchange market gets close only for the weekends and rest of the day’s forex market is open for the forex investors. It’s a big advantage of trading forex. Due to this advantage, the popularity of forex market is increasing day by day.

Foreign exchange market is a huge world of currency trading where trading techniques are very much important to trade. Trading techniques plays very main role in forex currency trading.

The investors are getting very much attracted to forex trading just because this currency trading market provides several services, functions which are very much beneficial form the trader’s point of view. Your trading techniques can make your trading simple and easy but it only possible when you use these techniques according to your understanding and according to your trading style.

Trading techniques are of many types like hard trading techniques, simple trading techniques, new trading techniques, used trading techniques, unique trading techniques and many more. You can choose any kind of trading technique but be careful to apply any technique in your investment.

Your trading technique must be perfect, appropriate and profitable. No doubt that if you have a good knowledge of trading forex then your trading techniques will be the best trading techniques.





Trading forex – Make your trading profitable with forex education

Yes it is true; having knowledge of forex currency trading is very much necessary before taking any step towards your desired aim of forex. Your trading forex education provides you the knowledge about the market and this knowledge off course increase your skill to trade forex and if you have the skill to trade forex then it means your decisions will be purely correct and appropriate according to the market condition.

Each and every decision of trading plays very major and unique role in this market. You cannot make a single mistake even the one small mistake would not be accepted by the market which is done by the traders. The traders also cannot afford a mistake because the market shows very enormous result to the trader and even some times, it can also clear your whole accounts in a single deal.

A successful trading needs full education of forex currency trading to stand strongly in foreign exchange market and not only stand strongly Infact making money successfully is also very important if you want to become a successful forex trader.

To make your decisions perfect you need to improve your knowledge and to increase your knowledge, you have to learn forex trading from many sources, in which forex sites is the best source to learn about forex trading. Forex learning courses makes your trading easy and forex learning through online sites makes more easy and comfortable because you can learn the currency trading course from anywhere you want or at any time you can.



Turnovers of the trading forex market are the highest turnover

Foreign exchange market is huge financial market all over the world and the turnovers of the market are very much high than any other financial market. The daily turnover of the market is approx over than the 3 trillion and it is a trading average of only one day. It means trading forex market faces daily such big trading of currency.

The turnover of the market is the total average of the whole day buying and selling of currency. The currency transaction done by the traders in the forex currency trading market in the whole day, calculated by the market to find out the turnover of the market and thus as we all know that foreign exchange market is far away from any other financial market.

It is the top most financial market and in fact it is much higher than the total of stock market. Several traders try their luck here. Lots of where traders for long time where as lots of them stop trading after first loss. Amongst all the forex currency traders, only few of them gets success and rest of the gets fail.

It is very unfortunate but a fact. Infact according to some reports of the market, only five percent of the forex traders gets success in trading and the rest of the ninety five percent traders get fail in trading. Thus, it is proved that amongst all of the traders only few of them gets success to make their trading profitable in foreign exchange market.