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The foreign exchange market is the largest of all types of markets that operate in the entire world. Chronologically speaking, a foreign exchange market is also the oldest existing form of market. If commerce and trade is considered as a realm in itself, then forex trade and the forex markets can be considered as a part, segment or sub-section of that realm. Forex trading simply means trading in currencies and foreign exchange trade or transactions are always carried out in pairs of currencies. That is you and your transacting partner trade in a pair of currencies (say dollars and yens) on the basis of a prescribed exchange rate.

Foreign exchange trade is carried out extensively throughout the world for two basic and practical reasons. Governments and FIIs or financial institutional investors that comprise conglomerates and MNCs need to convert the gains they make from selling products and services in other countries in their own currencies. Secondly, there are investors and speculators who like to make money by speculating on the exchange rates of different currencies and making investments according to tips and guidelines provided by forex brokers. More than 95% of the turnover in forex trade is contributed to by these speculators.  We at UFX Markets have been providing up-to-date and complete forex trading information to not only those dealers and traders who have been using our platform but to all Diasporas of traders and dealers in forex trade.

There is no centralized or localized real-time exchange forum like a stock exchange as far as foreign exchange trading is concerned. Forex transactions are carried out on an over the counter (OTC) basis based on interbank rates. These days, a major part of all such transactions take place via emails. Many traders and dealers consider the UFX platform to be the best forex trading platform as we provide an extensive array of services not only to savvy and sagacious investors and dealers but also to those who are new to this segment. The foreign exchange market is affected by the repercussions and the upheavals in the domestic financial markets. The economic, social, and political events also have a bearing on the forex trade. One can make a killing if comprehends these factors and attributes.

Therefore, if someone is interested to take up a career in forex trading or if someone is just interested in earning money by dealing in this segment, he needs to learn forex trading. We provide a comprehensive educational package to everyone who is interested to make forays in this segment. This market is not as simple as it may look apparently. You need to pick up enough knowledge before you think of investing. And at UFX, we provide the necessary cutting edge forex trading advice.

We at UFX provide complete forex info so that you can get started as soon as possible and start reaping the benefits in this lucrative segment. Although there are umpteen online sites on forex trade that have forex trade for beginners courses and tutorials, you’ll definitely find our coaching and tutorials more innovative and industry specific. We will give you tips on how to open an account, how to leverage your spread, paper trading and much more. We also have forex trading software tools like real-time feeds, news quotes, etc.