UFX now has a very efficient mobile trading platform for both Android and iOS systems. It does not only have the ease of use in a mobile phone system but also has the needed flexibility for someone who is always on the go. What is so good about this platform is the fact that anyone can download whatever system for free. The user can have access to 90 currencies, commodities, indices and stocks information. Mobile interface is so easy that one does not have to go through thick manuals to be able to use the platform. The platform has the all out support of the major forex trading services of UFX.

In summary, this mobile application system has these functionalities:

  • Using your android or iOS phone, you get live estimates of currencies
  • Check positions as well as you can edit and check them
  • With regards to the FOREX trading and market, you can easily monitor these using the mobile phone

There are multiple advantages when you use the UFX Trader:

  • Wherever you are, you can place orders and some other tasks related to FOREX trading
  • You can look at charts in a selected time frame
  • Using different accounts you can do live trading
  • Check complete information on each account
  • Access on stock market news as well as streaming of trading tips and techniques

You need to download the app UFX Trader in order to get to these benefits that have been listed. You do not need to spend a single cent when you download this mobile app. All the features of the desktop app of the UFX Trader have been carried over to this mobile version.

This mobile application was made for the person who is on the road or travels most of the time. It is simple to use and all that is needed to get information can be seen in one window. The accompanying instructions


This platform is simple. Everything you need can be found in a single window. Instructions are easy to follow. The uncomplicated navigation bar will guide users to obtaining trading information and the necessary support.

Meanwhile, the Paragon Ex Web Trader boasts of a spontaneous navigation with adequate analysis as well as charting tools. It has a dependable Internet-based interface. Perhaps, this is what makes Paragon Ex a truly award-winning program.

It has been made by UFX to become the definitive trader-friendly platform. In fact, Paragon Ex has garnered numerous global industry awards. One of these is the 2014 Best Professional Trading Platform from FX Report.

Read this: Paragon Ex Web Trader Platform is perfect both for those who are just new to trading and those with plenty of experience.

What are the reasons for this claim?

  • There is really nothing to install or set up because everything works directly from the web browser. It can be any browser for that matter.
  • It has an integrated system for charting, news feeds, and live support.
  • The PX has firewall-friendly which is the SSL 128-Bit security.

Keep in mind that your platform is a very important component of your trading tasks and experience. Therefore, you need one that will allow you to do trading fast, cost-effectively and minus all complications.

This is what Paragon Ex is all about. Trading has become mobile. You can be a successful trader since you have everything you need in your mobile telephone. This is brought to you by UFX.