Forex Trading is a segment of commerce that exclusively deals in or trades in the currencies of different nations. Forex is actually an abbreviation of the term foreign exchange and there are foreign exchange markets in almost every nation of the world. There are numerous forex trading platforms in each country and needless to say these platforms have their websites for conducting forex trade. One such site is the that has really come up of late in the markets outside the US. The site belongs to UFX markets.

We have business interests pertaining to forex trade in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain, Belgium, and the United Kingdom although our firm hasn’t received a registration from the Financial Service Authority or FSA for forex trading or online forex trading in UK. The forex markets the world over are rooted in international trade. After ruling the roost for a long time, the US dollar, which used to be the international currency for all sorts of international trade is waning in importance as other currencies are beginning to dominate like the Euro or the Yuan or the Renminbi.

Owing to this flux, foreign trade has become more volatile. Further, the parameters or yardsticks by which the forex trading system of a particular nation was evaluated had to be redefined because of this upheaval. In its simplest form, foreign exchange means facilitating transactions of goods and services in such a convenient way that both the transacting parties are able to either remit or receive payments in their native currencies according to a standard exchange rate. At UFX, we help forex traders and dealers to trade safely and make money on their investments. Our online site provides complete information on every aspect of forex trade and outlines strategies that helps to trade effectively.

We inform or update the forex traders both individual and institutional on some structural and fundamental differences between forex markets and other forms of markets, particularly stock or equity markets. For instance, forex trade is carried on round the clock whereas stock markets function for fixed time durations though of late some stock and equity platforms are functioning for extended hours and on weekends as well. Then again there are no forex exchanges like stock exchanges. But forex trading online has become common across all time zones.

You don’t have forex DAX, Nikkei Index, London Stock Exchange or NYSE. The major part of the forex trade that is carried out in our company is through the basis of interbank rates prevalent in different markets like the LIBOR or the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate. Big time speculators use our platform extensively along with the smaller operators who carry out relatively much smaller transactions. We provide guidance on how to plan stop orders or restrict orders to minimize losses. We guide you on how to activate a stop order when prices fall.

If you want to transact through the UFX counter, we help you to open a practice account. You can start with a mini account where an amount of $100 has to be parked. Further, since we are not handicapped by the 50-to-one leverage rule of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission, we can offer 1:200 leveraging influence to forex traders and dealers. You will get some valuable tips on forex trading strategies as well.